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Fruit Tree Pruning
by Nigel Payne

Telephone (preferred)



07816 130934

About Me

I specialise in pruning all ages and types of fruit trees, wall trained and espalier. I am highly skilled, with years of experience and fully insured. I offer free consultations.

Tree Info

Fruit trees require specialist knowledge as their needs are different from fruitless trees.

Apples and Pears are usually pruned between October and April unless a summer prune is required, plums and other stone fruit need to be pruned when in leaf, around May to September.

When new trees have been planted they need to be pruned straight away. Most people think that they will leave a tree for a few years to get "established", however this does the tree more harm than good.


I'm based in Little Dewchurch and I can offer free consultations upto 25 miles around this area. This covers Hereford, Ross-on-Tye, Wye Valley and Monmouth region. I can travel further afield if necessary but would have to charge for the consultation.


I am also available to teach workshops, these can be 1-on-1 or for groups of people. The most effective way to learn is to prune your own trees in the lesson, although trees can be provided if organised in advance.

I bring all the equipment required for demonstration, however I can't provide tools individually.

I cover a larger distance when it comes to teaching. Please get in touch if you have any questions or want to organise a session.


Many thanks for your pruning and comprehensive notes on how to deal with the plum and greengage trees; Iā€™m looking forward to approaching the task with a bit more confidence now. Many thanks.ā€

Mrs. I. Newport-Mangell

Dear Nigel, Many thanks for the completion of the work and the manner in which you left the premises. Very Tidy.ā€

Dr. P. Cater

Dear Nigel, Many thanks for the excellent pruning job that you did on our fruit trees. We were very impressed by your prompt service after unexpected damage had occurred to our apple trees, and are delighted to say they are now flourishing. Best Wishes.ā€

Mrs. H. Ward